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Afterlife of Bliss

Afterlife of Bliss

“an opening ode to ending afterlife”


A phoenix rising from our neighbors’ collective trashes. The resurgence of a pan-harmonic electronic tonic sent to traverse all aural cavaties with occidental urgency. Afterlife of Bliss is the golden power of a mind once so lost in a land of forgotten time.

The flowery shrubbery connects from Art Pinsof’s sole soul to the past and future simultaneously. All tracks written and recorded in 2006 on a Compaq Presario, Afterlife of Bliss completes the “Purgatorius Trilogy” of albums Art made before leaving Houston for a year to make 13 albums (late 2007-early 2008) in his grandmother’s attic in Brooklyn. Some say this is Art’s most melodic album. It is likely one of his most melodically pleasant albums (that is, if you happen to find melodic melodies pleasant). The journey it presents is from here to there. From an opening ode to ending afterlife, once thought unknown, but then found to be felt known.

This is the Official Afterlife of Bliss – Caglioso Release

Caglioso Artist Profile

Art may or may not believe:
“Shaleek” is a channelled entity who asists in sacred rituals at the great pyramids of Egypt
Mad Dog McCree is the best reason to play a friend’s Wii at 2AM
Alan Shore had the greatest monologues in TV history
Less people live on Mulholland Dr. currently (ca. 2006) then when originally pitched his TV pilot, which eventually became the film Mulholland Drive
Ethan was right about Art needing to finish this album so he could move on to the “next one”
Wendy Carlos’ “Beauty in the Beast” is the most underappreciated electronic album of the 80s
Afterlives are less unlike Beforelives and Duringlives than we may ever know, suspect or live

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  1. Pretty pretty! 😀

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