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Dino Felipe DJ Mix 2010

Dino Felipe DJ Mix 2010

“These Tracks Are some of My Favorite Songs by Some of my Favorite Musicians…
For the Most Part “Quirky” Tracks,but Thats Simply Because That’s What i Dig,i Guess…Quirk!
I Edited and Processeed the Sections Inbetween Each Track a bit Becuz I am Not a DJ,or Beat-Matcher Type.
Artists Included are:Dorine Muraille,Felix Kubin,Puzzle Punks, Niobe,and Some others you May or Maynot Have Heard
of / Heard….
I Tried VERY Hard & KEPT this mix more “Electronica”-Based. My Goal Here in this Case is to Introduce.
I Hope I Have Introduced SOMETHING to you by the time the Set is Over….Thanks for Listening.”
-dino felipe


  1. Great stuff Dino Bay Bee!

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