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A Note About Genres of Electronic Music

A Note About Genres of Electronic Music

“Damnit I don’t know what we are! But we sound good and look like we might make it through the night.”

Does this sound familiar? No? Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep last night. It seems I have been thinking about Recession Recordings just a little too much these past few weeks. I have been caught up in changing the site and pretty much fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to forward movement. Anyway enough about me and more about you! That’s right I am featuring today a list our good friends over at Wiki have put together that might have some relevance to what we are trying to do here at Recession Recordings.

Check Out Wikipedia List of Electronic Music Genres

There is also another article here about Experimental Music

Now that we have a good list to start with I would just like to say that hopefully some of the artists will take part in our little experiment or at the very least will not complain when I start trying to organize your livelihood. Any thoughts?


  1. [O.O]/—-!!!~some of those genres on that list are awfully funny!!!~

    • Yeah I am thinking we need to add our own labels that are even more crazy and show that button downed Wiki crowd a thing or two!

      • Is this is for tagging purposes for internet searches?

        • That is the general idea yes. I would like to feature social interaction with artists on a site that makes every scrap of media and information about them accessible to everyone I possibly can. Sometimes it feels like something might be a bad idea, but right now I want to try a little of everything to get it just right for everyone who loves RR.

          • hmmm…

            experimental, digital punk,
            indie, idm, new music, noize visual, industrial, leftfield, screw music

            I guess. XD

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